ABC of Plastic Surgery

Dear Friends, Having worked as a Plastic surgeon over the years, I have realized that most of the people have very little knowledge about Plastic Surgery… Patients often ask questions like…Do you use Plastic in your operations?…..Why it is called Plastic Surgery? ….Is it very costly?.. How it all started?… To answer these questions I […]

Plastic Surgery Is A Problem Solving Speciality

Stephen J Mathes, a great Plastic Surgeon has very aptly said that ‘Plastic surgery is a problem solving specialty’.  It is a special surgical discipline, in which every patient presents with a challenging problem requiring a unique solution. This problem may be a result of a congenital abnormality, an accident, a disease, or the aging […]

How To Enjoy A Safe Diwali – Some Do’s And Don’ts

Diwali is round the corner and it is very important for all of us to be aware that it is meant to be a festival of joy and happiness, to be celebrated with a sense of responsibility. As a Plastic surgeon I see at least 20 to 30 patients every year with cracker burns during […]