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When we talk about normal facial appearance, it comes naturally that there is a ‘normal’ balance to the facial features specifically the nose, the cheek-bones and the chin. If any one of these features is out of proportion with the other, face looks unusual or maybe ‘abnormal’ especially to people who are aesthetically sensitive. Our face is the first thing that people see when they meet you and it is easy to break the confidence if you’re uneasy about certain insecure about a particular feature. If you feel like that because of the size or shape of your cheeks or chin, then you are not alone and our cheek and chin reshaping surgery might be the solution.

Cheek & chin reshaping is used to add shape or fullness to the cheeks or thinning chin, or to change the overall shape of the face. This cheek & chin reconstruction surgery can be combined with face lift or any other face surgery to achieve a better facial balance and look you are happy with. A jutting chin can be diminished by removing some of the chin-bone or by inserting an implant on the bone. Each of these operations are done by making an incision in the grove between the lower lip and gum, and in case the implant is used, the surgeon may advise that the cut is made in the natural crease beneath the skin.

Benefits of Having Cheek or Chin Implants

  • Enhance your appearance producing features that are better proportioned and more balanced
  • Correcting weak and unbalanced features
  • Strengthen your jaw line
  • Increased overall self-confidence and self esteem
  • Improve your neck line and make a large nose appear smaller

Quick Facts About Cheek & Chin Reshaping

Duration Of Surgery
30 to 90 minutes
General Anaesthesia, sometimes can be done under local anaesthesia
Length of hospital stay
Usually a day care procedure, home the same day.
Initial Mild discomfort, Swelling, bruising usually goes in a week or two, Back to work within 10 days, Full effect 2 months.
Undetectable, within mouth.

  • Numbness, pain: usually temporary.
  • Infection: rare.

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