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Breast surgery is considered one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures available in today’s times. Whether you are looking for reducing, enhancement of your breasts or uplifting, we offer procedures from highest quality experts in the field. Women can get breast surgery done to make their breasts bigger and fuller. It is also done for reconstructive purposes, such as after mastectomy for breast cancer, or for cosmetic reasons. If you are the one who wants to change the size and shape of the breasts, or you feel that one is noticeably bigger than the other, you are not the only one. We specialize in various types of breast surgeries and ensure that the results of the surgery will offer you with body confidence and boost in self-esteem you require.

Most women likely to have an excellent outcome from the breast implant surgery and they feel better about the appearance and themselves. Pain and skin symptoms you have had will also disappear. Women may require wearing a special bra for few months so that their breasts come in shape. Scars are eternal and mostly visible a year after the surgery and fade after this. The surgeon will try to place the incisions in order to hide the scars as much as possible.

Breast surgery can be done mostly as an outpatient surgery in a clinic or a hospital. The following is kept in mind while going under the knife.

  • Most women receive general anesthesia for this surgery. You will be asleep and pain-free.
  • You may also be given medicine to relax you and local anesthesia. You will be awake and will receive medicine to numb your breast area to block pain.

More about Breast Surgery

Duration Of Surgery
1 to 2 hours

General Anaesthesia, sometimes can be done under local anaesthesia.

Length of hospital stay
Usually a day care procedure, home the same day.

Initial Mild discomfort, Prescription pain medicine for 2 to 5 days, Bruising subsides in 2 weeks.

hardly noticeable, inside the dark of the nipple.

Risks/ Complications

  • Breaking or leakage of the implant
  • Infection.
  • Hematoma.
  • Small scars, usually in an area where they do not show much. Some women may have thickened, raised scars.
  • Seroma.
  • Difficulty in breastfeeding
  • Visible rippling of the implant
  • Uneven position of your nipples
  • Loss of feeling in the nipple area
  • Different size or shape of the two breasts

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