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The double chin is basically excess skin under the chin or along the jaw line. This chin makes a person’s face makes a person’s face round and fat. This double chin syndrome has made many people conscious and become a beauty problem to those who are conscious of it. These days with the advances in technology many recommended ways are present to get rid of the double chin the natural way or one can choose from varied surgical or medical procedures. This depends on the person’s own choice and preferences. Double chin can develop from varied reasons such as a person being overweight, too much water retention, age, or genetic reasons of the person. Double chin surgery is meant to reshape or mend the chin by reducing the bone or by elongation by the implants. Double chin surgery is performed in patients who have nose surgery. The basic aim is to create facial resemblance. The chin can interfere with the size of the nose thus it becomes important to operate on the chin to bring proportionality. The ultimate goal of double chin reconstruction is to create a perfect balance on face appearance. It is done to create symmetry on the lower face so that a balanced profile can be obtained.

The surgical ways available to get rid of double chin can be done by chin augmentation wherein doctor would put some incisions on the chin and some more surgical procedures to reduce the fat and correct the chin’s appearance. Chin implants are used to enhance the chin but less of the double chin. Double chin surgery is considered to the last option to finally get rid of the double chin. The surgery is performed by a trained and experienced surgeon who makes small cuts on the chin and retrieves out the excessive fat by the vacuum hose. The skin is sewn together and the healing time is about 10 days. There can be some swelling on the chin while the healing takes place.

Double chin surgery will offer you more than just reduction. Apart from reduction in double chin, plastic surgeon will re-shape your chin as well. If you are looking forward to chin reconstruction, you might want to consider this surgery.

Benefits of Double Chin

  • The skin incisions now used in liposuction are tiny
  • Recovery is very rapid
  • No bruising or swelling
  • The surgery is relatively simple – it involves removing excess fat from your chin – and only takes about a few hours to complete.
  • Useful in enhancing a profile for people

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