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Reconstructive plastic surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body caused by inherited defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, disease, tumors or illness. This surgery is generally performed to enhance the function and is also done to gain a normal looking appearance. We are well aware of the fact that how important your body is to you. Our aim is to restore the form and function of the body to its greatest possible extent speciallyfor patients whose bodies have changed due to any disease, congenital diseases or trauma. Our deep understanding and familiarity with anatomy has helped surgeons to identify bodies’ structural and functional deficits such as skin, blood vessels, tendons and fats.

Our team has specially trained surgeons who are capable to perform complex microvascular surgeries in which a flap of skin and underlying tissues are moved, with blood vessels intact to a new place. These procedures provide the patients the best chance for restoring function, sensation and appearance. Our team also specializes in repairing the complex and large wounds which results from trauma or cancer removal. These also include reconstruction of head, neck, trunk, breast and other extremities. We also care for our cancer patients after mastectomy to restore lost form.

Our surgeon works in close coordination with our patients to develop a complete surgery plan which is based on each patients requirements, patients overall health, time needed for full feeling, post-operative treatment and of course the patient’s wishes. Whether a patient comes to us after a serious accident, or is recuperating from a life –threatening illness, or is a child with birth abnormality, our surgeons are aware of the most advanced surgical techniques available to repair the condition or injury.Reconstructive plastic surgery as a whole has become a rage in the recent years, which has become largely due to advanced techniques which has madeit possible to treat problems which were previously hard to treat. This surgery has given people hope and has enhanced the quality of people’s lives.

Moreover, as we are committed to provide patient-focused care, we motivate our patients to actively participate in our treatment plans. Before going forward with the surgeries, we provide comprehensive information about the complete procedure, potential risks and complications as well as realistic expectations of results.In our state-of-the-art surgical suites, our Anaesthetist use the latest anesthetics and medications that that help to recover quickly and safely.

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