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A thread lift is basically a minimally invasive cosmetic technique which lifts sagging skin on the face and neck by making use of surgical suture threads. A thread lift should not be taken as an alternate for a facelift. Thread lift provides modest and subtle changes rather than just dramatic results and also helps people having a much better looking face. The best advantage of thread lift is the absence of noticeable scars and short downtime for resuming the regular activities. Surgeons frequently combine thread lift with other non-invasive procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments and peels to help enhance the skin texture. Liposuction can also be improved to enhance the contours of the face.

A thread lift is basically a minimally invasive, secured and effective non-surgical procedure that offers delicate and natural looking results for both men and women. As the threads have a unique design, the surrounding tissue acts to hold the threads in place without much visible scars. Tiny incisions are done behind the hairline and threads are advanced along the marked contours in order to create a firm hold on the below tissues without causing additional trauma. The cogs work by holding, by getting fixated to the tissue as they get softly contoured into the place. Once these get in the position, body starts to generate new collagen bundles surrounding each thread to maintain the elating effect.

Choosing a surgeon

A thread lift needs specialist training, a complete knowledge of the muscles and tissue composition under the skin and understanding with the techniques that offer the best results. Always choose a surgeon having thorough experience and special training in the thread lift techniques. There are many complications that are attached with a thread lift such as being visible under the skin or skin irritation from the placement of the barbs.

What type of thread lift?

Almost all the thread lifts are done with surgical sutures. Thread lifts can also be performed with permanent sutures. These days they are mostly done with dissolvable sutures that fade over a few months.

The only real advantages of the thread lift technique appeared to be:

  • Scarring is minimal and hidden in the hairline.
  • It can be performed under local anaesthetic, although this is uncomfortable.
  • The bruising is significantly less than with a mini face lift, although any bruising obviously takes the same time to disappear.
  • Previous thread lift surgery does not preclude a mini or full face lift.

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