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Labia minora are basically the inner lips of the vagina. Labia lips come in varied shapes and sizes, as everywoman is different. In case, you feel uncomfortable with the shape and size of your labia, labia reduction surgery can prove to be really helpful. Labia may cause some kind of discomfort during activities like walking, cycling, or during the sexual intercourse. It can happen that its presence may make you feel unhappy or self-conscious. If you felt this way always, or there has been a change with age or childbirth, labia reduction surgery can help you in overcoming this problem.Some men and women also feel that having enlarged labia minora can even interfere in the love making process, which more often results in severely affecting the confidence of the women and their sex drive. Thus, the surgery is the best and permanent solution.

About The Labial Reduction Surgery Procedure

Labia reduction is basically a term which is used to describe various surgical procedures that decreases the size and prominence of the skin.Any cut made is carefully placed in order to prevent painful scarring along the rim of the labia, and are closed with the help of dissolving stitches. The whole operation takes about one to two hours, and can be done under local anaesthetic. This means that the patient will be awake, but the area will be numb completely. Sometimes, this surgery is also done under general anaesthetic, which means you are asleep during the complete procedure. Labia reduction is mostly done as a day-case, with no requirement to stay overnight in the hospital. One can expect some kind of soreness and swelling for a few days after the operation and you will be probably need to take some time off work to rest and get better.


If you are concerned with the shape and size of your labia minora, it might happen that you are born with it, or it is grown that way after the child birth, you are an apt candidate for this surgery. Age is no bar for this procedure, if the area is hindrance to wearing swimming costume or tight cloths. It is also secure for children to go with this procedure.


One can expect to face considerable improvement in comfort, especially in certain cloths such as pants. It has also been noticed many times, that this process enhances the sexual relations by reducing the psychological and physical discomforts which were present before the surgery. The results are permanent.

The Best Candidate for Labioplasty

People who have an elongated or redundancy of the labia minora causing psychological concerns and/or physical trauma.

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