Genital Surgery (Cosmetic)

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Cosmetic genital surgery is all about reshaping the labia, vulva or the penis. Some people go for this surgery as they are unhappy about the look of their genitals.A surgery which is done to change the appearance of the genitals is referred as aesthetic genital surgery. Labiaplasty or female genital reshaping helps in changing the size and shape of the inner labia or the inner lips of the vulva. Penis augmentation surgery or enlargement is done to increase length, width or both of the penis.

The Consultation

The consultation regarding the genital surgery last for about one and a half hour. The surgeon will examine you and can make recommendations. They will also make you aware of the benefits such as restored sensation during sexual intercourse. They will also discuss the risks too. Following your consultation with the surgeon, you will be able to confirm the cost and make the requisite arrangements if you decide to move forward.

Pre – Operative Screening

Before undergoing the procedure, it is necessary to carry some tests. For example such as blood tests. Surgeon will advise you with what tests are required. It is important that we know you are healthy and fine for the procedure.

The Procedure

After your consultation and evaluation of the condition, surgeon will select the suitable procedure to meet all your needs. The Surgery is done at the state of the art operation theatres of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

After The Procedure

Once the surgery is performed, patient should expect some kind of swelling and discomfort after the procedure. Your sutures may require to be removed if they are not dissolved or dissolvable. Surgeon will also advise on this. Many of the patients observeanimportantenhancement in the bruising and swelling after the first two weeks but it can take some time for everything to settle completely.

Immediately After Cosmetic Genital Surgery

After the operation, you may expect:

  • To wear dressings or bandages
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Possible numbness
  • Pain and discomfort

Complications of Genital Surgery

Some of the possible complications of cosmetic genital surgery include:

  • Tissue death along the wound or skin loss
  • Risks of general anaesthesia including allergic reaction, which may (rarely) be fatal
  • Further surgery to treat complications
  • Scars that may be severe, raised, reddened
  • Surgical risks such as bleeding or infection

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