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Reconstructive microsurgery is a surgical field where surgery is performed under the magnification of a microscope. This skill is helpful in procedures were we need to bring tissue from another part of the body and attach it to the blood supply such as during a free tissue transfer surgery. The reconstructive micro surgeries are mostly recommended to restore the form and function of the body, although plastic surgeons perform reconstructive surgery on faces after trauma and also to reconstruct the head and neck after cancer. Their mail goal is to restore the anatomy or the function of the body part to normal. The extraordinary growth in the use of microsurgical techniques has clearly indicated that a skilled team of microsurgical is imperative in all major hospitals. The surgery has become a standard part of all tissue transfer techniques and an essential component in the most modern reconstructive procedures such as anastomosis, lymphatic microsuture and neurorrhaphies.

In this field, specialized microscopes and precision instruments are used to execute intricate operations on tiny structures. It makes utilization up to fifty times which is produced by the naked eye and stitches finer than a hair, surgeons fix transected blood vessels and nerves less than 1 mm in diameter. The blood vessels and nerves that supply blood to small body parts like ears, scalp, and nose are so small that it becomes necessary with the help of microscope to place the sutures in the walls of the blood vessels and nerve coverings. Connections for blood vessels and nerves can then be made to establish/re-establish blood flow and nerve transmission.

Microsurgical procedures include the following:

  • Toe to thumb transfer
  • Digital replants
  • Hand reconstructions
  • Nerve Repairs and Nerve Grafting
  • Brachial Plexus Repair
  • Cosmetic Defects Produced by Injury, Surgery, Cancer or Congenital Anomalies

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