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The pursuit for physical perfection can take various forms. When diets, exercises are not able to achieve the desired results, body contouring with the help of plastic surgery, might be the right solution. Various conditions such as weight increase, stress, age and pregnancy can take toll on our bodies. Other situations may arrive due to genetics, lack of contours, asymmetry or absence of definition. Your doctor may recommend you one or more procedure to help you achieve your goals for more young looking, contoured body. Body contouring can be achieved in one single session or can be more safely performed in stages depending on the overall health, the type and extent of procedures being considered by your plastic surgeon during the procedure of consultation. Body contouring will help you in reducing the excess fat and/or sagging skin and tissue and will make improvements to your body’s shape and overall image.

Reshaping uneven curves or eliminating unwanted fat cannot always be done through weight loss and exercise alone. Skincare and fitness have low effect on uneven contours or bulges as well as skin that is lacking elasticity. Body contouring surgery has helped many people in reshaping body features which cannot be improved by other measures. Body contouring can also significantly enhance the shape and proportion of the body, improving the appearance and boosting the self-confidence.
Stretch marks appear mostly on the upper arms, buttocks, breasts and thighs and are mainly common in pregnant women.They also occur due to excessive fat accumulation. Stretch marks removal like dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser surgery can be used can be used to get rid of them. moreover, over the counter treatments are also available to treat stretch marks.

Areas treated by body contouring include:

  • The neck
  • Upper arms
  • Female and male breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees and ankles

Good candidates for body contouring surgery include:

  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic goals for body contouring
  • Adults of any age whose weight loss has stabilized
  • Non-smokers
  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase risk of surgery
  • Individuals committed to good nutrition and fitness

During the initial consultation, surgeon will be asking you about the various possible outcomes of body contouring procedure. He/she will ask you various questions about your health, lifestyle and future goals. Some questions may include:

  • What medications do you take, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements?
  • What expectations do you have for body contouring surgery?
  • Why do you want to have body contouring surgery?
  • Are you allergic to any drugs?

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